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Nature's Designs


I love jewelry! I love chunky jewelry, sparkling crystals, elegant pearl, and unique lampwork glass beads, but I think my favorite pieces to work with are the gemstones. I am amazed at the combination of colors and the intricate designs that nature has created. When I begin working with a gemstone design, I look up information on the gemstone. It gives me a feeling for the stones as they become part of a necklace, bracelet or earrings. I love to know where they come from, and what properties and energies they have. I am not sure how the healing properties of these stone really work but I do know that God created this earth and the beautiful stones that become polished gemstones are a part of His creation. They can't help but carry some of the energies of the earth and all of the minerals that are apart of each individual stone. The healing properties of the gemstones I will be describing here is compiled from various sources. Some of them are legends and lore surrounding stone's and their mystical and healing properties. This is not medical advice. You should consult a qualified professional to do that. Any information in this blog or on my website regarding gemstones is for your enjoyment. I hope you will enjoy learning more about these nature designed pieces of art as much as I do.

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