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About Me

Welcome to my world,

My name is Renee and I live in Columbus, Ohio where I have been lucky enough to have lived my whole life.  My husband and I have four children and are raising our three grandsons, have one dog and two cats. Needless to say I need my jewelry studio where I can disappear for awhile, even though they all eventually find me.

I have been designing jewelry for over 13 years and have enjoyed being able to share my jewelry with you through my website for 11 years.  I originally began making my own jewelry because I could not find the exact piece I wanted, in the color I wanted, and with matching pieces like I wanted!  I fell in love with the process of creating beaded jewelry and there is such a feeling of accomplishment when I complete a design - especially if I had to  taken it apart and started over a number of times! My jewelry has also been my therapy through some very difficult times in my life.  

I have been very blessed with the gift of being creative and for having a wonderful husband who has always supported my creative spirit for 32 years even when he hasn't understood why I'm excited over a piece I just finished, or that I found a beautiful unique gemstone or why I have beads everywhere!  He was very happy when I had a studio built in our home so I could keep most of my beads in one spot.  

Well, I hope you will find that special piece of jewelry that will inspire your unique style.

Renee Sleeper